Running doesn't get no better than this! The 10K is a classic distance that covers all the bases - a great distance that's achievable for beginners yet respectable to the typically advanced! The pro's can target rapid PB's whilst the newbies can complete competently without shattering their bodies in a way that longer events can..

If you find the right course, it's a challenge that requires fitness, preparation and tactical thinking. It combines a mix of speed and endurance, and boy does it feel good when you reach the finish line with enough left in the tank to sprint for the crowds.

You can do it, even if you're new to running by following a few basic set of rules.

There's nothing like having the goal of competing in a race to focus the mind. It gives you a target and doing three sessions a week is enough to really allow you to notice significant improvements! With steady, consistent appearances out on the road and progressive training sessions you'll rapidly progress. That's the beauty of running. Get yourself out there and you can guarantee, gradually becoming better, faster and stronger!!

Training for a race has many benefits, so you should enjoy training while gaining satisfaction from an end result. Running is one of the best the best forms of exercise particularly for weight loss. It'll help you shift pounds as well as get fit, and the 10K is a great mix of speed and endurance to help you achieve both of those goals.

It also releases feel-good endorphins into the brain - so it's not all pain. A race should be tough but training can be fun, It can also help lift self-esteem and fight depression.

The immovable goal of a race date will also make you concentrate on healthy eating. Running will help you eat well and snack sensibly. The combination of eating healthily and running 10K can help lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis, and strengthen your bones.

Training for a 10K doesn't have to take over your life in the way preparing for a marathon can. However it can help you be more organised. The 10K allows you to set goals and train hard, but also enjoy the scenery and still have time to see friends.