Heavy weight's, fast runs, hard circuits, big lifts and a whole host of other workouts throughout 2016 mean I should be feeling in great condition leading up to the Summer, right? Not quite! All that training means very little without one very important component-Rest! So instead of peaking just at the right time I found myself sleeping on the floor(apparently this helps!) and booking a trip to the local Osteopath.

Stiff knees, a sore hip and an unstable shoulder are injuries generally carried by your typical retired broken old man, but instead those symptoms have been adopted by yours truly! For all the advice I give I should've known better! All my energy was focused on getting faster, fitter and stronger and it seems there was a major oversight, I was in fact making myself weaker! Lucky for me the problems are relatively minor and treatable. With the correct treatment and a little tender loving care I'll be back to my best in no time. And lucky for you because this means you get to learn from my experience.  

The Therapist who treated me- Gio, and I had had a conversation regarding my health and it turned out we share similar opinions with regards to training methods, the intensity, it's rewards and repercussions. It was refreshing and inspiring to hear his views and this reminded me to seriously consider the same advice I'd generally share with everyone else; Rest, rest and more rest. Take things easy, sleep well, eat well, stay hydrated, train smart and recover fast! Respect your body, listen to it and be aware of the signs. Your body is way more sophisticated then you'll ever know so whether you feel tired, anxious, weak, sick or sore it's important you take action and respond in away that's beneficial for the long term...

Lifting weights is an amazing way to get fit. But lifting too heavy for too long and you might just be asking for trouble.. Injuries may not occur straight away but possibly in the future- 1, 2, 5 or even 10 years time. The same goes for every type of discipline; Running, Combat Sports, HIIT Training, Yoga etc etc. The point remains the same. Overuse at extreme intensity without correct application, nutrition, sleep and rest and you could potentially be doing more damage than good. The 'go hard or go home' attitude could put your body in a very dangerous position.

A Tough, insanely difficult training regime made sense to Spartacus, I mean he was prepared to die for his cause. Training every session as if it were his last! But for everyone else, we've got to go work the next day! Now no one needs a situation where getting your socks on requires an assistant, or the toilet- don't get me started on that one... Damn that ache, we've all had it! Now I'm not saying don't go hard, we all love a bit of 'beast mode' now and again but just remember to focus and be sensible. Train smart! Too much of the same thing can have an adverse effect on your body. Have a healthy balance. Remember to keep it fresh, keep it fun and keep it functional. After all, affectionate attention is a blessing and when all's said and done the aim of the game is to be healthy, for as long as possible. Peace out! 

8 ways to avoid Injury

  1. Apply correct technique
  2. Don't Lift too heavy
  3. Warm up/Cool down
  4. Stretch often
  5. Avoid over-training
  6. Follow a healthy nutrition plan
  7. Sleep well
  8. Stay Hydrated